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Greenburger positions itself as the specialist in vegan burger in Liege, and bases its activities on a circular economy. At Greenburger, everything has been studied to minimize our ecological impact. Beyond the plant, putting ecology at the centre of the project was a matter of course. That's why we don't use plastic. We prefer recycled and recyclable paper/cardboard, as well as bioplastic produced from 100% compostable corn starch. Your ecological footprint is therefore considerably reduced, and the planet thanks you! Working with local producers and craftsmen, and thus knowing the origin of our ingredients and their quality is essential to us! The majority of our products are therefore of organic origin or from local trade. Let's promote the short circuit! At Greenburger, we are committed to meeting all your requirements. Our burgers are made to order and can therefore be adapted to your taste. We do our best to ensure that your time at Greenburger is synonymous with conviviality. Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions. On site or to take away, we adapt to your wishes !
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